inquire - consider - create

I cannot speak for other artists, but art is an essential part of my every day life. Whether creating for myself or admiring the work of another artist, digging into my imagination or casually conversing, art is ever-present.

I am the master of my own art, but love that a viewer may see something in a piece that I do not. Please do not hesitate to reach out with your thoughts - your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Autumn is a special season. Just ask someone who has never experienced it. The changes are dramatic, colorful and a treat for every human senses. Autumn colors, shapes and textures have always provided me with inspiration - 2023 is no exception.

Please click on any of these three images to open a PDF to view.

I am a huge admirer of hand colored black & white photographs that originated in a darkroom. Today, it is possible to custom tint B&W images in any manner desired without using chemicals. The picture above opens to a PDF that contains a number of such images. Please reach out to let me know how you respond them.

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