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"Art and style exist in the perceptive eye and heart of the beholder..."


Bill has been a visual artist all his life. Creating is the essence of his existence.

I don’t know why other artists create. For me, it is personal. I do it primarily for the profound satisfaction that engulfs me when I complete an individual image or series of images. As my creative process is instinctual, when I create, a bit of my soul is revealed.

For this reason, when someone truly connects with a piece, it is both a rush and a reinforcement that it's OK to put yourself out there and risk failure..

The only thing that equals the sense of satisfaction I get from the act of creating is the unique impressions others share with me about how they view my art - their feelings and spontaneous thoughts. A wonderful surprise occurs when a viewer sees something completely different in a piece that I did not see myself....

In the end, I believe that art fosters our best nature. It is a gateway to reflection and growth.

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“Natural textures, colors, geometric shapes, symmetry, compositional flow and juxtaposition are some of my hidden obsessions.”

Bill Deuster, Art Catalog
Bill Deuster, Art Catalog

An electronic brochure of some of my latest work - click on the image to view or download the PDF.

An electronic catalog of my work from early 2017 thru late 2019 - click on the image to view or download the PDF.

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