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A Powerful Message Delivered with Bold Images is the Best Strategy - COMMAND the Power of Light

Do you require high-quality still photographs to improve your marketing? Then get in touch.

If you have a product or service that is best presented or described using video or motion imagery, then I can help - email me to discover how I can assist you.

Do you need graphic design for marketing communications; including marketing collateral, catalogs, WEB sites and more? If so, I have extensive experience and can guide the process from beginning to end - reach out to begin a conversation.

Do you want to launch, fine-tune or completely refresh a brand? Do you need exceptional creative sevices to invigorate your marketing message or social media? How about advice on your current market situation and how you might develop a competitive advantage? If you could benefit from a strategic marketing and/or brand analysis, then I can help - contact me to set up a meeting.

Do you need trade show graphics, point of sale displays, catalogs, marketing collateral, product packaging and/or vehicle wraps? If so, call me and, together, let's convert your untapped prospects into active buyers with extraordinary designs that build your brand and drive your message home.

Large format printing is an important resource for all types of marketing opportunities. Not only can I design your super-sized presentation, I can print it as well - up to 44" wide by as long as your space will allow. Get in touch to discover all the possibilities!

If you are developing a new product or getting ready to launch a new service, I can assist you with the process. From core product or service attributes that benefit the customer, to the final packaging or service team that initiates the customer experience, contact me to help organize and simplify the development process for maximum brand synergy and marketing impact.

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