Below are pictures of my studio gallery where a number of my images are on display. Private viewing is by appointment - call to schedule.

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Creating art is a passion of mine. The serendipitous moment a fresh idea presents itself is magical. And nothing is more exhilarating or satisfying than putting the final touches on a new piece of work.

Visual art is just one form of expression that can touch so many hearts. Visual images of all kinds can have almost universal appeal and know no language or cultural boundaries.

The images above are part of my abstract body of work that explores the interaction of geometric form, natural textures, light and color. I am humbled by all the limitless possibilities and very much inspired, too.

If you are interested in any of the images please contact me. If you would like a catalog of my most recent work, you may download itHERE



My work ranges in size from 8" x 10" all the way up to 4' x 10'. I do all my printing on a 44" twelve-color Canon printer.


My name is Bill Deuster. I am a multi-media artist whose senses are inspired by natural textures, fixed geometries and unusual color combinations. This brochure represents some of the work I have done since the beginning of 2017. Burdened with late onset ADHD, I never quite know what might snag my spirit to inspire my creative energies - serendipity is an angel that makes my heart flutter and I follow its cue.

I hope you enjoy the work presented here as it is all very much a labor of love for me. While I am sometimes guided by an original intent, I often find myself discovering nuances in my own work that I did not notice when I created it. For this and other reasons, I hope that you explore what interests you with your mind open and your heart as your guide.

All of the images you see in the catalog to the right are prints that I produce in my studio on a 44" twelve color fine art printer. They are for sale, so if you would like to buy one, please email me at

One more thing - let me know your reactions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to begin a conversation.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

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