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Product motion is now more powerful than ever - time to replace your "vanilla" still images with video!


Attract and Motivate with the

Motion imagery - or professional FHD and 4K video - is a visual magic best delivered on the internet. Take advantage of my ability to create striking imagery of your products in motion so that every customer is inspired to inquire.

Unlike still images on white, a product in motion (whether a 360° spin or choreographed motion to highlight special features) is twice as powerful as its static, "vanilla" still counterpart. Without a doubt, it may be time to replace many still photographs with your product in motion,

Benefit from my 360° spin services or have me design custom movements and staging to fully illustrate unique product attributes. Heroic, captivating images emerge as light, product and camera motion are all orchestrated together for dramatic effect.

Social media content, trade show graphics, point of sale displays, catalogs, and marketing collateral can all be supplemented or replaced with video. Motion imagery is dope and available worldwide for anyone with a mobile or connected device.

In addition to product motion, we can add info graphics, special effects, seductive transitions, voiceovers and even music. There are endless options to make your video unique and powerful. While the video duration is best kept to well under a minute, some products warrant more.

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Jewelry is especially conducive to powerful enlargement, dramatic staging and graceful movement.

Without exception, your product benefits from carefully orchestrated motion.

More sumptuous jewelry choreographed to attact and inspire.

Below are some video/motion samples


The images in this slideshow are all frames extracted from a 4K UHD video timeline.

Whether from a profile or overhead vantage point, 360° spins can be powerful, informative and memorable.

Many types of jewelry - especially rings - attain truly heroic grandeur when properly photographed in a 360° spin.

Many unique artisan and craft products take on new life when staged and captured properly in a 360° spin.

Many garments - especially branded swag - jump off the screen when showered with beautiful light and set in motion.

Normal household items - even product groupings - are empowered when set in motion.

Everyday items turn and swoon as though on a Broadway stage.

Set up properly, fashion items look glorious under the lights emphasizing design, texture and dimensionality.

Nutritional items benefit because everything is clear and readable. You just pause the frame to review any information.

Under dramatic light and enlarged, the bold richness of a ring is easily revealed as it moves in front of the lens.

Last, but by no means least, your product will look far superior when in motion. This is because details, textures and features are accented and highlighted as the product moves through the light. Staged and choreographed properly, your product gains an heroic posture that cannot be matched when just standing still. Inspire your customers' eyes and motivate their hearts with powerful images of your product in motion.

You may not realize that video today is not your parents' video. Resolution is now more than eight times what was captured back in the day (and soon to be much more). For this reason, if you need it, a quality still of your product may be extracted from the video timeline that will easily satisfy what is currently required by Amazon or a similar platform. As a reference, please review the slideshow at the top of this page.

In today's world, the visual image is more important than ever and while still images remain important, motion reigns supreme. It is eye-catching and has staying power that is unmatched. In almost all circumstances, motion imagery out draws a still image by a wide margin (up to two times, even more). Remember, your video content is accessible 24/7 on every mobile device and connected computer on the planet and the better the video, the greater the impact.


Please click the image below to view the PDF.

Please click the image below to view the PDF.